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What We Do

We develop customized database applications using Microsoft developments tools such as Visual Basic, Access and SQL. We use these tools to create comprehensive data management solutions that can range from the very small, to solutions that manage all aspects of an entire business. Our services are normally provided on a 'quoted project' basis, when a specific block of work can be defined, or we can serve as a 'sub-contractor' or 'outside contractor', performing programming tasks as requested on an on-going basis.
Web Page/Site development is also on our menu of services.
Training to all levels is available on all major software applications.

Our Market Scope

Our primary markets are in the North Island of New Zealand, however, we can provide effective software development services to you regardless of your physical location. Through the use of fax, telephone, e-mail and mail, as well as remote control utilities such as PC Anywhere, distance becomes a very minor issue in the delivery of a software project.


Stephen Baggaley Phone +(64) 21 783 139


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